Nicolas Antille

Designer, engineer.

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Making science, engineering, management and art converge

Versatile, I have experience in small studios – including one I co-directed – and large companies as well as research institutions.

I turn ideas and concepts, however complex they are, into meaningful, detailed yet simple and compelling visuals.

I work at Blue Brain Project as the lead scientific media designer/engineer.

Domains of expertise

I. Management

I have experience in dealing with clients, managing creative and/or technical people and coordinating with various stakeholders to meet deadlines for high quality results.

II. Engineering

My experience is that of what you call today a "full stack developer". A decade of OOP principles applied to scientific vizualisation, web design, interactive applications and games. Mostly Python, Javascript/CSS and a bit of C++ and C#. Add to that Git, shell, slurm. Data-wise SQL and HDF5.

III. Design

Whether scientific illustrations, packaging, UI, UX, VR/3D/2D design, movies, elearning, interior and exhibition design, I have a broad experience in design for print and digital.

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