Nicolas Antille

Engineer, designer, manager.

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I have experience in small studios – including one I co-directed – and large companies as well as research institutions. Notable clients include: EPFL, CHUV, TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Fondation Sandoz, Addiction Info Suisse, Better Work ILO.

Bridging gaps

I turn ideas and data, however complex they are, into meaningful, detailed yet simple and compelling visuals.

Domains of expertise

I. Management

I have experience in dealing with clients, managing creative and technical people and coordinating with various stakeholders to meet deadlines for high quality results.

II. Engineering

My experience is equally strong across the full-stack. A decade of OOP principles applied to scientific vizualisation, web design, interactive applications and games. Mostly Python, Javascript/PHP/CSS, some C++ and C#. Add to that Git, shell/bash, Slurm, SQL/NoSQL, etc.

III. Design

Whether scientific illustrations, packaging, UI & UX, VR/3D/2D design, movies, elearning, interior/exhibition design, I have a broad experience in design for print and digital.

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