Technical research

Examples of technical research to serve the creation of visuals.

Cycles render engine modification

A personal experiment where I modified the C++ sources of Cycles raytracer in order to use the hair primitives for graph datasets, which can be trees, brain cells and more.

If you would like to use it, checkout the repo and compile Blender according to the official documentation. The functionality is pretty simple to use and this has been tested on Linux and MacOS in production.

Large-scale spline-based visualisation

I brought my personal experiments to work in order to see if it could be a viable solution. It turned out that these optimisations were necessary for large-scale illustration of datasets such as this model that still required 205GB of RAM to fit tens of thousands of unique cells each made of hundreds of branches.

The illustration was presented by Eleftherios Zisis on a poster about his research at SfN [Society for Neuroscience] 2017 and had a great success.

This inspired the engineers in BBP visualization team to explore similar techniques.

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